Thank you for your interest in Sandler products.

We manufacture nonwovens, which can be used in the production of surgical masks / mouth-nose protection or filtering facepiece masks (FFP) in connection with COVID- 19 pandemic containment. However, we do not produce pre-cut parts or finished masks!

At the moment, our production capacities for nonwovens for protective masks are exhausted. From today’s perspective, we do not expect this situation to change, even after the start-up of the new production line we recently invested in. Therefore, we will NOT BE ACCEPTING NEW ENQUIRIES NOR PROCESSING NEW ORDERS at this time.

Should your enquiry still be valid in the long term, after the COVID-19 crisis has been overcome, we would appreciate your interest in a future cooperation.
Please navigate to Sandler Industry Customer and complete the enquiry form.
We will get in touch with you as soon as production capacity becomes available to process your order.

Thank you for understanding.