Let fluids drip off.

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Going on a long summer family vacation or driving to work every day; through rain or a snowy and icy winter—cars are our companion and have become an important part of our living space. They are no longer just a means of transportation. When we have reached our destination, we want to be relaxed and ready to address the occasion at hand.

Vehicle acoustics in particular are a decisive factor in achieving this goal: Highly efficient sound absorbers of the  sawasorb® exterior product series contribute to optimising vehicle acoustics and making passengers comfortable. They determine the vehicle’s acoustic fingerprint, increasing identification with the car and the brand. Driving noise is minimised and the passengers will have a pleasant, quiet trip, even at high speeds or amidst the hustle and bustle of urban traffic.

To optimise vehicle acoustics, sawasorb® exterior absorber nonwovens are located where the noise originates. In the engine compartment and other areas, they are faced with particular challenges, such as thermal impact and contact with various fluids. Neither rain, petrol, diesel, nor any other fluids present in the engine compartment affect these nonwovens. On the contrary: they simply run off like dew on leaves.

In addition, these absorbers improve acoustics and simultaneously protect engine and transmission by compensating temperature variations and preventing cold starts. Just like functional clothing for your car, they protect against fluids and cold. And just like any other textile clothing, these synthetic nonwovens are kind to the skin, odourless and produced without chemical binders or additional finishes.