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On a long journey to the family vacation or the familiar drive to work or to go shopping—cars are right there with us and have long since become a vital part of our living space. They are significantly more than a mere means of transportation. At the end of the drive, we want to arrive relaxed and ready to commit to the task at hand.

Vehicle acoustics in particular are vital to achieving this goal. The nonwovens of the sawaform® product series are designed for being processed into acoustically efficient moulded parts. They contribute to optimising vehicle acoustics and to making the passengers feel comfortable and travel more safely. The resilient sawaform® nonwovens demonstrate their fortes at first touch:

Seemingly unlikely for a textile material, they are compact and firm even as roll-goods. During processing, further upsides become apparent: extreme mouldings can be achieved with these flexible, lightweight materials, which present a special combination of lightness and stability for the moulded part owing to their open-pored structure.

Yet all of these nonwovens do not only improve acoustics, but also the climate in the passenger cabin: They absorb disturbing noise and compensate variations in temperature practically in passing. Just like functional clothing for your car, they insulate either heat or cold. Sandler synthetic nonwovens are kind to the skin, odourless and produced without chemical binders or finishes