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On the way to a family celebration or to a job interview; on short drives or on the way to a vacation—cars are our companion in most diverse conditions of life. And because we are driving more and more, they have long since become much more than a means to an end: they express our partialities, our way of life and are a part of our living space. It goes without saying, we want to be comfortable while we are on the move, we do not want to be in a sweat while detained in a traffic jam, we do not want to incur tensions. We want to arrive as refreshed as we started off—after all, the reason for the drive is waiting for us at our destination.

Car seats contribute a great deal to our comfort: They are supposed to ergonomically accommodate driver and passengers, supporting back and body contour. A crucial feature on long haul, it also helps to make short trips more pleasant. sawatex® products for seat applications offer solutions to the most different tasks.

Sandler's diverse nonwovens demonstrate their strengths at first touch: Dimensionally stable variants commend themselves to applications withstanding increased strains and prevent over-expansion of the cover fabric. This way, even after years of use, creasing is not an issue.

Particularly soft and drapeable variants smoothly adapt to the contour of the seat. Yet all of these flexible, lightweight materials have one feature in common: given their open, three-dimensional structure consisting of a multitude of fine fibres they are air-permeable as well as stable. For unrestricted air circulation fostering an optimal micro-climate in the seat. As with all other textiles made by Sandler, these synthetic nonwovens are kind to the skin as well as odourless and are manufactured without chemical binders or additional finishes.