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Tobias Baumgärtel,

„One material, a thousand possibilities. Sandler nonwovens for hygiene products provide comfort and care—and now they are also available right here in Houston County, Georgia, USA.

The Sandler Nonwoven Corporation invites you to experience the fascination with nonwovens and to discover, how these textiles may advance your consumer product. We are looking forward to joint projects in the future.”

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+1 (478) 218 3181Tobias.Baumgaertel@sandler-nonwoven.com


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Sandler Nonwoven Corporation

401 Airport Road
Perry, GA 31069

Phone: +1 (478) 218 3181
E-mail: info@sandler-nonwoven.com

Sandler Nonwoven Corporation is accredited according to ISO 9001 : 2015



Lightweight, breathable, absorbent nonwovens and extensible product variants for

topsheet, fluid handling layer, outer cover, closure systems

Feminine hygiene
topsheet, fluid handling layer, outer cover

Adult care
topsheet, fluid handling layer, outer cover, closure systems